Merry Video Synth Christmas to me!

Hosa sent me some free cables to try out!  Now that I have had some time to check them out I can honestly say that Hosa sent me a great Christmas gift indeed!  I have put these cables through their paces and I am impressed!  I have received crap from some of my friends over the years for using Hosa cables.  But I find them absolutely indispensable!

Here are a few pics of my finally finished eurorack video synth and I have used my new Hosa cables to make some sense of it.  I am using various LZX modules and a couple of my own design/hack modules.  Using LZX modules means you will be dealing with Red, Green and Blue signal sources.  These new cables from Hosa are standard primary colors and that is great for these.  Looking at the pic below can you easily find my RGB signal routing? Having the velcro ties makes this easy too!  I can pull the three color combo signals and keep the cables together. Even after receiving several free cables from them, I went and bought some more just for my video synth!  Check em out HERE!