MOD3 – CV/Gate Input

Ever since the start of the Synthboy+ project I had MOD3 in mind. If you go back to the original Kickstarter video, you will even hear me mention it.  Now that we have successfully made it through the Kickstarter phase, I’m excited to show the work and resources that we have reinvested back into the project.

After trying a CV/Gate to MIDI interface with the Synthboy+,  I found many problems that just had to be fixed in order for CV/Gate to be truly useful.  We focused on finding the little and large inaccuracies that plagued the other converter and we also added a few unique features that don’t exist anywhere else.  FieldingBlue (Our Developer) also spent a considerable amount of time working on a bullet proof error checking process, and it shows.  While there are a few limitations with the first gen Gameboy, we squeeze as much performance as possible to get those authentic modulated Nintendo sounds!

<A very brief History about CV/Gate>

Before MIDI the only way to control synthesizers was to use a small DC voltage.  There were two real standards and for the most part one of them is primarily used.  By using a small voltage that would vary from -0.5 to 10.5 volts you could split the voltages up to represent the notes on a keyboard.  This is the CV part.  The Gate part also uses a small voltage and again there were two real standards as well.  Both standards are still used today.  MOD3 supports both of these Gate standards.  By sending 5 volts on and off you can tell your synth whether to trigger your note on and off.  If you are interested in learning more about these older standards, please check out the Wiki located here:

</ A very brief History about CV/Gate>

Ok, now that you know a little about CV/Gate, why would you want to surrender the relative precision of MIDI for an older more cumbersome control method?  In one word I would say ‘CREATIVITY‘.  Now don’t get me wrong, with all of the arp vst’s that are out there you can do a whole lot with MIDI, but I swear I have never been as addicted to the Synthboy+ until I had a chance to use one with the MOD3 upgrade and some basic CV/Gate gear!


Both S-Trigger or V-Trigger can be used.

Keyboard Calibration.  You can custom calibrate MOD3 to accept your specific 0-5 volt CV source.  This gives you a better chance to actually match up notes to your actual keyboard. Once calibrated MOD3 is designed to save your settings in memory.

You can also use MOD3 to be a CV/Gate to midi converter.  If you connect one of your MIDI synths to the ‘MIDI OUT’ port on the back of the Synthboy+ you can control your MIDI synth easily from the incoming CV/Gate signals.

MOD3 does not directly support the Volts/Hertz CV method.  However you can still use this gear to connect to MOD3 with no worries of damage that comes with overvoltage!

Detailed info can be found in the User Guide and DIY Guide located here: CLICK HERE

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