Minitaur DIY Eurorack Conversion Kits

Introducing Minitaur DIY Eurorack conversion kits – WHILE THEY LAST!!!

This entire kit is produced in house.  The panel was designed, CNC cut, bead blasted, powdercoated and screenprinted in house! These kits have been refined over the last two years to make the conversion as painless as possible.  Some of the soldering work has already been done for you!

Read through the DIY Guide to see if you feel comfortable performing the conversion.  I can also perform the mod for you if you ship me your Minitaur.  An additional fee will apply.  Please contact me with any questions you might have before you make a purchase!     NO REFUNDS ON ANY KITS!


Powdercoated matte black aluminum panel with white epoxy screenprinted graphics.  Includes all necessary parts to perform the conversion.  Texture may very.