Custom Z-DSP Panel with Z-Card Holder

ZDSP Custom Black PanelZDSPcustomblack

Custom Black Z-DSP Panel with double ZCard Holder.  Holds 10 cards.   Easily switch out the original silver panel with this panel.  Includes fitted Lexan protective screen cover and 8 black Davies knobs.


These are custom panels that are painstakingly made in house.  We are huge fans of the TipTop Z-DSP.  We figured it made sense to add a Z-Card holder to the main panel and go with a powder coated black panel to match the color scheme of the cards, along with the screen printed white epoxy text and black Davies knobs that would really set this look off.

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Z-Card Holders

ZCARD holders2

Convenient way to hold your Z-DSP cards in your eurorack.

*International shippers* – If purchasing multiple items, please only pay for one extra shipping charge.  Obviously I can combine shipping 🙂


2HP ZCARD holder2

4HP ZCARD holder2

4 HP holds 10 cards.

23 thoughts on “Z-DSP ACCESSORIES

  1. Hi there, I have one of your 4hp card holders and now need another 🙂 Just wondering if you have any stock left or plan on producing any more?



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  4. I would sure like to see the Z-CARD back in production! Even better, another run of the black faced Z-DSP with Z-CARD builit in, i have these cards just floating around and it is darned incinveneint.

  5. I am curious if any of these Z-DSP items are still available for purchase. I’d love to get the black panel and knob conversion; but, even the two slot ten xard holder wou;d be a huge help.

  6. Another person who’d buy a 4HP and a 2HP Z-DSP card holder (preferably in silver, but I’d buy black if that’s all you made) here. Please take my money! 🙂

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