Akai MPCX Eurorack Cable Snake

This new Akai MPC has gotten me pretty wound up.  I am liking the new’er’,ish’ flow.  One thing I wanted to add pretty quickly on was a panel just for the CV/Gate outputs right in my main rack and ditch the longer patch cables.  So here is what I came up with.  I am hoping for a sort of standard too, so hackers please listen in.

Eight outputs and GND/0V mean a nine pin din is perfect for this cable snake. Simply use a standard 9 Pin DIN serial cable and if you decide to build one for yourself, just use the standard 9 pin numbering. Output pin 1-8 is pin one through eight on the serial connector and pin 9 is Gnd/0V.
This streamlines it into my setup nicely.  Without costing a bundle too.

The outside case mod is pretty easy to do and you don’t even have to detach all of the internal MPCX’s cables making it one of the quickest mods I have completed to a piece of hardware.

If you are interested in this mod, let me know and if there is enough interest I could do a run of kits. Back to patching… 😀

5 thoughts on “Akai MPCX Eurorack Cable Snake

  1. taking this a step further, could this ADD cv connections to the LIVE? It’s in the software so maybe?


    • Anything is possible, but what I know about the X, is that there is a dedicated board, so you would need to have both models to compare against to try and identify where the control outputs from the processor are located. Then you could try and update the firmware?

    • Hi Ben, Excellent. I will add your name to my list and let you know when I decide to make some kits 😀

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