Will Moog release a complete eurorack system?

This month marks the two year anniversary of the Mother 32 Eurorack module release from Moog.  That was a glorious moment for Eurorack enthusiasts worldwide. Moog gave us hope and insight to what their possible role would be going forward into the Eurorack modular synthesizer world.  Since then we have seen other possibilities from them, with a handful of various Eurorack prototypes, mostly from their limited access Moogfest VIP engineer attendee’s course.  But as time ticks by some us have started to become concerned that we will not see anymore publicly released Eurorack modules with the Moog brand on them.  SO, we hope to inspire Moog with our re-panels of some of their existing line of synths and effects that we have carefully converted over and now display as a combined cohesive custom Moog Eurorack system.  Since Moog has re-released previous 5U combined modular synthesizer systems, maybe they would entertain releasing a complete Eurorack modular synthesizer system similar to what other Eurorack module makers have done in years past?  Maybe they have dozens of Eurorack module designs, ready in the wings, just waiting for release?  We are hopeful and Christmas is just around the corner, maybe we will have a happy modular holiday season after all!

Here we show the Eurorack converted Moog MoogerFoogers, MF-101, 102, 103, 105, 107, and 108.  A Moog Minitaur Bass Synth, and a Moog Werkstatt synth.  A Circuit Abbey Unify mixer with expander.  A 2HP mult and two Div 6 16 step sequencers to round out the system’s functionality.  All of this housed in a custom 9U Goike case.

Sorry for the open mic noise. I forgot I had it on. Watch out for the Lamborghini, it’s gonna run you over! This is mostly all bottom end, so forget about output from crappy computer speakers.

Starts with the Minitaur, then the Midi Murf which is output to the Phaser, then Freqbox is fed into the Cluster Flux which is the Lamborghini!

Where would you use a custom Moog Eurorack Synthesizer like this one?  How about sitting on your Rhodes piano?

8 thoughts on “Will Moog release a complete eurorack system?

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  2. Looks phenomenal Chris, always love seeing your craftsmanship! I’ll be back in Denver this December, would love to catch up if you’re free!

    • Heck yeah, man. Back into the snow from Hawaii? You’ll be wanting to get back quick! Hit me up when you make it in.

  3. This is the f’in sexiest thing i’ve seen in months. And i’ve been browsin Modules for a while now and been dating a 10.

    ps: bring the minitaur conversion kits back please. Perfect for me to get into eurorack!

  4. When will the complete get on the market? I want one and what will be the price? Thank you.

    • This was just a prototype. I will convert MoogerFooger pedals over to the eurorack format based on a commission fee. Email me through my contact page for more info. Thank you for the interest.

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