Moog MF-108 Cluster Flux Eurorack Module

This is getting exciting now!  This  is one of my favorites from Moog.  If Moog was to only convert one of their MoogerFoogers over to the eurorack format, it should be this one.  What’s not to like?  Chorus, Flange and Vibrato driven with original bucket brigade device chips.  Multiple waveform LFO, which you can sync multiple ways, including MIDI. And feedback that sucker till you go deaf with happiness!

2 thoughts on “Moog MF-108 Cluster Flux Eurorack Module

  1. Hello will this come available in the next few months? What price are we talking? Great work! Cheers

    • Moog’s lawyers sent me a cease and desist. So I am unable to work on their stuff anymore. Sorry for the trouble, but thank you for the interest.

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