Moog Werkstatt 01 eurorack module

Ok, yes, I have converted these before, but not in the same aesthetic of Moog’s current eurorack line. I was able shave off a few HP’s too making it smaller than the original conversion. These custom conversions are leading to somewhere right? More coming soon 😀

Original Manufacturer’s website page HERE!

3 thoughts on “Moog Werkstatt 01 eurorack module

  1. These are beauties! I added bigger knobs, but I want to convert it to a compact eurorack and wire up all the CVs to the front panel properly.
    What are you using to engrave the panels? I have an older manual pantograph engraver that I have used for custom panels, but it’s VERY manual and I have limited font sets for it. Your panels look like genuine Moog.

    • I CNC route .060 aluminum sheet for the panel substrate. Then glass bead blast the surface to prepare it for powder coat and two part white epoxy silkscreen print.

      • Take my $$ please. I was going to rack mine, but this kit looks much better than what I’d hack together. I’d like to make 4 of these at least.

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