HDP used by Video Dub Poobah

Ty Humphrey aka ‘Video Dub Poobah’ had a chance to test out a HDP video prototype at a live show put on by AnalogueHaven. Here is a shot of his setup at the show. Ty told me he ran it for 7 straight hours with no problem. I took a standard video player you can get from eBay and then converted it for eurorack use. Many people are not aware there is a video synthesis side to eurorack. One of the places you can find more info is HERE which is the video forum section at Muffwiggler.com

2 thoughts on “HDP used by Video Dub Poobah

    • Honestly these were/are a bit of a hack. They really consume a lot of current, so not a real solution unless you have a beefy power supply. However, even after saying that, I could not live without them. I have three of them in my Video Synth and I use all three! I was hoping Lars from LZX would put a eurorack version out, but these will consume a lot of power, probably the reason he hasn’t. Thank you for the interest!

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