SYNTHBOY+ Special Edition

The CLOCK OUT modification is the newest feature of the Synthboy+. This is included with our Special Edition model. The CLOCK OUT is a voltage out that can be used directly with most modular synthesizers. This clock out can be modified on the fly using the bottom two knobs on the front of the base station.  This is used directly with LSDJ. Please watch the video for more details of use.

Our BIG BONUS is the included heavily modified Gameboy Color.  Over the last few years I have grown to really appreciate the reliability and speed the Gameboy Color provides.  I truly believe it is the best tool to use with LSDJ.  The original Gameboy Color did need a couple of modifications in order to bring it into the Synthboy+ line.  First we added a front light SP mod, which essentially takes the front light out of a Gameboy SP, cut it to size and fit it which allows a overall brighter screen for daily use.

The real challenge was to find a way to add the 9 pin din connector.  We ended up custom molding a new bottom using Polyester resin.  Between the nylon DB9 connector and polyester resin molding you can expect durable use over the years.


After trying a CV/Gate to MIDI interface with the Synthboy+, I found many problems that just had to be fixed in order for CV/Gate to be truly useful. We focused on finding the little and large inaccuracies that plagued the other converter and we also added a few unique features that don’t exist anywhere else. FieldingBlue (Our Developer) also spent a considerable amount of time working on a bullet proof error checking process, and it shows. While there are a few limitations with the first gen Gameboy, we squeeze as much performance as possible to get those authentic modulated Nintendo sounds!


Both S-Trigger or V-Trigger can be used.

Keyboard Calibration. You can custom calibrate MOD3 to accept your specific 0-5 volt CV source. This gives you a better chance to actually match up notes to your actual keyboard. Once calibrated MOD3 is designed to save your settings in memory.

You can also use MOD3 to be a CV/Gate to midi converter. If you connect one of your MIDI synths to the ‘MIDI OUT’ port on the back of the Synthboy+ you can control your MIDI synth easily from the incoming CV/Gate signals.

MOD3 does not directly support the Volts/Hertz CV method. However you can still use this gear to connect to MOD3 with no worries of damage that comes with overvoltage!

Detailed info can be found in the User Guide and DIY Guide located here: CLICK HERE