Eventide Space Eurorack

Taking my favorite pedal and converting it over to euro has to be one of the more difficult tasks I have accomplished to date.  Something that is as well designed, as this Space pedal is, I had to bring all my skill sets in order to really add what I believe is the next level.  If you are familiar with this pedal then I don’t have to tell you that it is already great on its own.  But the little CV demon in me would not rest as it was always asking, “what if you could control all of those knobs with CV?”  This has been an ongoing effort for a year or more now, and I finally can say I am happy with how it has turned out!  Pricing and availability to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Eventide Space Eurorack

    • Rumors are out that Eventide will be releasing something new this year at NAMM 2018, I am waiting to see if they do something similar in eurorack.

  1. I just found this today and I had to change shirts twice already from all the drooling.

    What is the latest? I saw the Euro DLL and while it’s neat obviously, having a Space as a rack module is just… I can’t find the words…


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