Strymon BigSky Eurorack Module

I was glad to see Strymon released their first eurorack module this year. Their Magneto module looks like a great entry and should fare well against others in that space. However after deeper analysis I find the module is lacking in a few areas. So, here I took their BigSky pedal and converted it over to a eurorack module. Having CV control over the parameters is a must and honestly, after using more CV, I could not go back to the original pedal again without them!  Plus, adding the MIDI in allows me to use the 60 Knobs & 60 Jacks to control it even further with CV! Link to the original manufacturers webpage HERE.

9 thoughts on “Strymon BigSky Eurorack Module

    • Unfortunately I have had someone take my instructions and then proceed to fry his pedal. He then blamed me for not making the process 100% clear when he obviously missed a step. So rather than have people blow up their shit I am holding off putting out too much DIY info on the more ‘expensive’ gear mods. I was really hoping Strymon might release a version of this. I want to give them some more time to work something out… …before I get a landslide of BigSky’s on my bench. Thank you for the interest 😀

  1. Just your friendly spelling nazi pointing out you spelled “fare” as “fair” in the beginning of this description. I just came across your site via muffs and am truly inspired by your creations. Please keep up the great work and feel free to delete this post.

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