BOSS DR-220 Eurorack Modules

How can you not love late 80’s drum machines?  No CV control, you say!  Well, here we had to add CV control over some of the choice bends and latching switches to allow complete manual control.  Trig inputs for all of the percussion too!  A TTLFO which can be used as master clock, or used to turn on and off the 8 CV controlled bends, that have been meticulously gone through to find some of the best ones!  One of my best conversions to date. 😀

5 thoughts on “BOSS DR-220 Eurorack Modules

    • These two are the first prototypes. I hope to do extensive testing throughout the year on them. There might be some additional revisions and some of the bends need to be ironed out, mostly to make sure they don’t cause pre-mature failure of the original electronics. Stay tuned for more info soon!

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