The Power of 1U!

I recently looked back over last year and realized I found the 1U format even more valuable as time went on.  I did so not just by acquiring 1U tiles from Erthenvar and Pulplogic, but also by creating some of my own and modding others.  From the first drum machine in 1U to the first Oscilliscope in 1U, I found ways to maximize this small format.  I am excited to move forward with promoting and inventing in this format!

5 thoughts on “The Power of 1U!

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      • Thanks for the quick reply, I am trying to find all of my resources to make good decisions in the pulp logic 1u format. Are there any resources that you could post ? I have scoured pulp logic, synthrotek, syinsi, and some day options. I have room for 5 modules @ 6 hp. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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