Speak & Read & Talko by Deladriere

TALKO1Finally had a moment to try both of these modules head to head!  Talko kicks much ass!  With all of the CV control and the fact you can customize the samples using the original TI sample conversion software, what’s not to like.  Plus no harming of any Speak & *’s has to happen! Long live the TI-99/4A! The Speak & Read says ‘here’ and ‘level’ only throughout this entire demo. Everything else is the Talko!!

More info on this project here:  https://github.com/deladriere/euro-modules/tree/master/Talko

Muff’s thread here:   https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=128442

Moog Minataur also in this vid controlled by Sequencer 1 by Audio Damage.

Jammin’ with a Synthboy+!

Recently BloodCode got his Synthboy+ set up and shared a little of what he was working on. You can check out more here:  https://instagram.com/bloodcodemusic/